Environmental Conversion Recycling

Environmental Culture

Environmental Conversion Recycling not only indentifies us as a company, but also tells of an identity within.

First, ECR speaks of our Conversion Recycling expertise and commitment that protects our clients and the environment.

Secondly, of our vision to be a strong proponent of the Conversion of Californians’ Environmental mindset through our awareness arm, the I Recycle Network.

ECR’s ownership/management team has a combined experience of 32 years focused in the environmental protection sector of electronic waste recycling. Having already recycled over 30 Million pounds of electronics in Southern California from a myriad of clients, such as electronic manufacturers, Fortune 1000 companies, educational institutes, non-profit organizations, other recyclers, and government agencies.

With this diversity of clientele, along with a gained technical expertise, and our developed domestic downstream consumer infrastructure, an invaluable foundation has been established that allows our recycling model to be a commitment to 100% In-House E-waste Recycling, protecting the environment and creating green domestic jobs.

With every capability to execute domestic recycling and every reason to protect the environment and public health, our culture is not one of choice but one of instinct that was developed through our background and is now propelling us to our foreground.